Didactic Deluxe Skull, 7 part

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• Bones made of 3B BONElike™ look real, have an absolutely natural feel and almost exactly the weight of a natural bone  • On the right, transparent skull half the paranasal sinuses can be easily located even from the outside, since these are marked in different colors  •  The cranial sinuses and the neck and face arteries are also shown in color  • One brain half, which is also visible through the skullcap, visualizes the brain position and the course of the sinuses  • The lower jaw is mounted flexibly to demonstrate the masticator movements of the human skull  • Mounted on a cervical spine and can be disassembled into both halves of the skullcap, the left half of the base of skull, the nasal septum, the complete mandible and a brain half  • Size: 7.1″ x 7.1″ x 13.4″

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